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By using our private investigators, insurers, employers and many other current or future litigants who have been sued, believe a suit will soon be filed against him or her, or are considering filing a lawsuit themselves; historically found that our private investigators to be an invaluable...

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Alaska Investigations Group offers top rated and professional Private Investigator in Anchorage. [Read More]

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    Full-Service Specialties: Asset Checks, Background Investigations, Children's Rights, Abuse, Civil Investigations, Document Examination, Database, Research, Employee, Theft, Fraud, Missing Persons, Photography, Personal Injury, Public Records Provider, Protective Services, Trace, Surveillance, Trial Preparation, Video Taping, White Color Crime Workers Comp., Private Investigator
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    We are licensed and insured - We follow attorney client confidentiality practices - We know intelligence,surveillance & reconnaissance (ISR)

Private Investigator Tips

Private Investigator Tips

Alaska Investigations Group provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Private Investigator ]

Anchorage Private Investigator | An Effective Private Investigator

If you live in Anchorage, Alaska, you probably already know that the local police force is overworked and understaffed. You are probably also very aware that when people disappear in the Great Land, they are in danger of succumbing to the elements or getting eaten by wildlife no matter what the time of year. Police usually won't go out to look for someone until they have been missing for a period of at least 24 hours, and that is more than enough time to freeze to death or to be attacked by a hungry grizzly bear. Hiring a private investigator is recommended if a loved one has mysteriously disappeared.

Using a Private Investigator

Private investigators have resources that local police departments don't have access to, and they are also not hindered by having to do things by the book. They can often find missing people within a matter of hours simply by going on existing clues. Alaska Investigations Group has been serving Alaska residents for a number of years, and its trained personal know the state of Alaska very well.

Why Alaska Investigations Group

Our investigators come from diverse backgrounds; such as retired federal law enforcement, military reconnaissance, child protective services, military intelligence, federal interdiction task forces, technical GPS surveillance, surveillance cameras and Electronic Warfare (bug sweeps).

Another way that Alaska Investigations Group can help enhance the quality of your life is by finding out whether your spouse is cheating. This process usually only takes about a week, and the information can be used to your advantage in court. The services of Alaska Investigations Group can also help you if you have a pending child custody case and have reason to believe that the other parent is unfit to raise your children. If your hunches are correct, the investigator will be able to provide you with the evidence that you need to gain full custody of your minor children.

It is important to find an company that you can personally trust. Our investigators have lived in Alaska for over 20 years. It's important to trust someone local. We have expert Private Investigators working for us. Our client list is extensive and respectable. Only a few firms in the United States can boast those kind of statements.

Anchorage Private Investigator

- We are licensed and insured.
- We follow attorney-client confidentiality practices.
- We use advanced equipment.
- We know intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR).
- We investigate to complement Alaska Statutes.

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- Featured Alaskan Capability: Night Vision with Date and Time Stamp

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