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Private Investigator Tips

Private Investigator Tips

Alaska Investigations Group provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Private Investigator ]


Alaska Investigator Academy (AIA) is Alaska's newest and first private detective school
in Alaska. This academy focuses mostly on teaching fundamentals and many other
specialized classes in computer forensics, GPS tracking and Technical Surveillance
Counter Measures (TSCM).

This academy focuses mostly on PI basic, which is has an Alaska specific curriculum
and provides the necessary knowledge, risks, perceptions and and boundaries and
considerations needed to survive and thrive in the PI industry. This is an opportunity for
prospective PI's to learn the tips, techniques, procedures and knowledge that help arm
the "Private Investigator" in Alaska.

Alaska Investigator Academy is a short, accelerated, concise and factual curriculum
that is two (2) weeks in length, with (4) classes total; all taught in the evenings.
The first 3 classroom meets discuss the curriculum and act as an opportunity to
discuss relevant private investigator information while having an open discussion while
doing so. The last 1 classroom meet will focus on a curriculum review and a final test.
Alaska Investigator Academies attendance policy is 100%. You cannot miss any class
in order to pass the curriculum (since this curriculum is so short). You can retest at
your pace with a small $100 fee.

A certificate of completion will be provided to students with a passing score of 80% or
higher. Note: Our test is difficult, with fill in the blanks and multiple choice.


1. Alaska Private Detective Licensing/Laws
2. Public Records & Social Media
3. Infidelity and Child Custody Investigations
4. Physical Surveillance (Do's and Don'ts)
5. Report Writing
6. Witness Interviews
7. GPS Tracking
8. Backgrounds
9. Information Awareness
10. Ethics
11. Client Agreement
12. Business Considerations

Course content may be changed without notice.


PI Basic is a fundamental introductory course for current or prospective PI's who want
to learn the PI industry or accelerate their current skill set. The course contents above
cover (in detail) specific knowledge, risks, legal considerations, perceptions and ethical
topics that all private investigators must know and apply. At the end of this course, you
will have a stronger perspective on what a PI actually is and means, realize the role
you have and how to provide outstanding cases to your clientele.


Robert Remy is the Chief Executive Officer of Alaska Investigations Group. He has
honorably served in the United States Armed Forces as a fully qualified military
intelligence analyst while supporting domestic and wartime operations.

He has served as a NonCommissioned
Officer in Charge and has been appointed to
account for several mission essential tasks. He has supported federal task force
operations and state intelligence missions.

He has attended hundreds of hours of formal law enforcement and military training. He
possesses a Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA), an Associate's Degree in
Communications Technology (AAS) and a TOP SECRET security clearance issued by
the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

He is privy to the laws surrounding the legal collection of physical and electronic
evidence and how they pertain to Alaska Statutes. He is recognized in the state of
Alaska and is very experienced in the field. He has also been recognized for providing
significant contributions to drug law enforcement at the federal level. He has served on
a federal task force led by the DEA supporting local, state and federal officers and
agents on several Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) cases;
which were prosecuted by the District Attorney's office. He has supported casework
against local, regional, national and international criminal and terrorist organizations.
He has been appointed as a chief of training, safety representative, operations security
coordinator and an intelligence oversight monitor. He has specialized training in
conducting/managing operations, targeting, undercover operations, confidential
informant management, confidentiality, wireless VOIP communications, intelligence
preparation of the operational environment, threat mitigation planning, geospatial
information systems, GPS, report writing, telecommunications exploitation, firearms
safety, cellular forensics, information protection, communications security, operational
security, personnel security, computer security, human relations, sexual
harassment/domestic violence, compliance inspections, proof reading affidavits,
motions, oppositions, replies, motions for discovery, exhibits and preparing for

He is also privy to the legal requirements necessary for the legal collection and legal
use of still photo, video and electronic/digital evidence. He has conducted cheating
spouse, child custody, and workplace investigations, noncompete
workman's compensation/insurance investigations and employee time card/theft


Email: for the enrollment form and to ask any
questions. Phone is (907) 8873888,
if you prefer to speak to a representative first.

Choose the month you'd like to attend (SEATING IS LIMITED AND ATTENDANCE

Course Dates: Each 2nd and 3rd week of every month (Tuesdays and Thursdays from
6:30pm to 9:30pm

Registration Fee:
⟱ $1150 (Standard Enrollment)
⤅ $950 (Prior or Current Veterans with DD-214 Proof)

The cost covers the classroom instructors, the classroom and the materials needed in
order to teach this course. This course can be considered an investment that can
diversify your experience and add to your resume. The amount of money you ‘could'
make as a PI far exceeds the cost of attending this course. This is an opportunity that
is unlike any other in Alaska that you cannot afford to miss. A $250 fee is applied for
cancellations before class start date. No refund if the student wants to cancel the class
once the first class of the curriculum has begun.